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How To Measure For a Collar
When measuring the collar length, we recommend the use of a paper tape measure, if you don't have one use a piece of string and lay it along a ruler for the measurement. Lay the tape around the animal's neck as loose or tight as you want the collar to fit, no fingers in between.   A collar should rest high on your pet's neck without fitting too loosely.   Use a tape measurer to measure around your pet's neck.   Add on 2 more inches to determine the correct collar you should buy.  The measurement is taken around the base of your pets’ neck.  The general rule for a collar is that you should be able to fit two fingers between it and your pets’ neck. The collar must not be too tight so as to choke but it must not be too slack and slip over their heads easily. If your pet already has a pet collar which fits well it is sometimes easier to measure from the hole they are currently using to the buckle. This will give you a very good idea of what size you are looking for.

Our Cat Collars come in 2 Sizes!

Regular - 1/2"wide, fits 8" to 12"

Large - 1/2"wide, fits 11" to 14"

 Our Dog Collars come in 9 Sizes!

Toy X-Small Collar - 1/2" wide, fits 6" to 10"

Toy Small Collar - 1/2" wide, fits 10" to 14"

XX-Small Collar — 5/8" wide, fits 8" to 11"

X-Small - 5/8" wide, fits 11" to 14"

Small Collar — 5/8" wide, fits 14" to 17"

Medium Collar — 1" wide, fits 11" to 16" 

Large Collar — 1" wide, fits 16" to 20"

X-Large Collar - 1" wide, fits 20" to 24"

XX-Large Collar - 1" wide, fits 24" to 28"